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Solar pannel from plants. Is it possible?

In a mashup of biology and electronics, researchers said they’ve made progress in making low-cost solar cell from plants.
A paper published in Scientific Reports describes an improved method for making electricity-producing “biophotovoltaics” without the sophisticated laboratory equipment previously needed. Researchers said custom-designed chemicals could be mixed with green plants, even grass clippings, to create a photovoltaic material by harnessing photosynthesis. Continue reading

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The future of nuclear power takes another punch

In 2009, multinational financial services corporation Citigroup called nuclear power – with its skyrocketing costs, disastrous economics and dependence on public bailouts – a “corporate killer”. Now, in 2011, are we witnessing the slow death of one of the world’s largest nuclear companies? Continue reading

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The Future of US Wind Power

It’s amazing to think that wind power could actually be on the decline when the alternative energy sector seems to be just taking off in the United States. Wind power generation broke records in 2009 with 9.8 GW of new installation; however, this expansion of growth is slowing down dramatically as favorable sites are already taken and energy consumption has dropped in the US creating less demand. Continue reading

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How Solar Energy Works

The need for an alternative source of energy was never as important for mankind as it is today. Fossil fuels, which are being used since thousands of years, are about to get exhausted. More importantly, they are contributing to various hazards on the planet, prominent ones being global warming and pollution. In such a scenario, searching for an alternative source of energy, which is a clean, efficient and renewable energy, has become the utmost priority for mankind. One such source of energy is solar energy. Before we move on to how solar energy works, we need to know what is solar energy and whether it’s the right alternative source of power. Continue reading

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