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Six Steps To Make Your Website More Eco Friendly

The internet is increasingly a part of everyday life. I’m guessing you agree if you’re here reading this right now.
And given the choice, most people would tell you that reading something online is greener than buying a book or magazine with the same information. After all, you’re saving all that paper, all that ink, the potential recycling of that product, the physical shipping it has gone through and so on.
Yet the internet itself uses a lot of energy. The servers that power the internet are always turned on, 24 hours a day. They use huge amounts of electricity to run and also need to be housed in temperature-controlled buildings they get so hot. Even a simple Google search uses a considerable amount of power. Continue reading

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Types of Alternative Energy

We have traditionally used fossil fuels to provide most of our energy needs. These fossil fuels, like gasoline and coal, have some significant disadvantages. First, the world’s supply of these nonrenewable resources is diminishing. Second, the prices continue to skyrocket, making it unaffordable for many people. Third, fossil fuels are damaging to the environment. Because of these three reasons, we are beginning to look at alternative energy sources. We really need to look carefully at these sources. Fossil fuels will not be around forever, and we are currently using them as if we have an unlimited supply. This supply, if we continue as we are today, will be gone. Fortunately, there are other options out there, and many of them do not have the same concerns that fossil fuels have, as these alternative sources are environmentally friendly, renewable, and more affordable in some cases. Continue reading

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Energy-saving lamps

Now here’s a bright idea—a lamp that saves you money and helps the environment! It lasts 10 times longer than a standard electric lamp and uses 80 percent less energy. If you care about tackling global warming, lamps like this are a great place to start. During its lifetime, a typical energy-saving lamp will stop about one ton of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere and pay for itself many times over. So it’s good for your pocket and kind to the Earth as well. But how exactly does it work? Continue reading

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