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Marshall Islands vs big nuclear – will the tiny island get the justice they deserve?

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Solar Energy & the Environment

Using solar energy produces no air or water pollution and no greenhouse gases, but does have some indirect impacts on the environment. For example, there are some toxic materials and chemicals, and various solvents and alcohols that are used in the manufacturing process of photovoltaic cells (PV), which convert sunlight into electricity. Small amounts of these waste materials are produced. Continue reading

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Energy-saving lamps

Now here’s a bright idea—a lamp that saves you money and helps the environment! It lasts 10 times longer than a standard electric lamp and uses 80 percent less energy. If you care about tackling global warming, lamps like this are a great place to start. During its lifetime, a typical energy-saving lamp will stop about one ton of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere and pay for itself many times over. So it’s good for your pocket and kind to the Earth as well. But how exactly does it work? Continue reading

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Energy Saving Tips

Everybody should be trying to reduce their energy consumption. Not only will it help you reduce your fuel bills, but you will also be helping do your bit for the environment. Not everything costs a lot of money.

Here are some no cost and low cost energy saving tips that you should try to introduce into your lifestyle: Continue reading

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