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EU to give full support for the green economy

There is no other way out of the economic crisis than through a green economy, which will strengthen the development of new and greener technologies, resource reductions and the protecting of our nature and the biodiversity. A green transition will create millions of jobs and make Europe more sustainable and competitive.

This was the conclusion, when Europe’s environment ministers met this week in Horsens. They discussed an ambitious outline for the 7th Environment Action Programme made by the Danish EU Presidency. Continue reading

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Eco advices for spring-cleaning

After a long winter, it’s time for spring-cleaning. Unfortunately, the ever-expanding arsenal of home cleaning products now includes several dangerous weapons, loaded with strong, artificial colors and fragrances and harsh cleansing agents like bleach, ammonia and acids. Continue reading

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Greenpeace Ranks IT Companies

Every company is claiming to be green in some way or another these days. For someone not versed in green matters, or even for many of us who think we are versed in it but actually may not be (at least on some issues), identifying who is truly green and who is not can be really difficult (or inaccurate). Continue reading

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How Can You Support Going Natural or Green and Preserve Energy

The common awareness of Going Green is green revolution in all worries pertaining to water, land and air. The use of natural resources prudently is the primary concern including fighting pollution and recycling. Many products are produced out of recycled materials and entrepreneur and other owners are becoming more anxious and aware of the significant roles they play in order to find ways in the conservation of the natural resources. Continue reading

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