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Ecological food

Edible Wild Plants, Wild Grasses

I have been foraging and learning about wild edibles for several years now and focusing on the plants available to me in the Utah desert primarily simply because that is where I live and I enjoy finding edibility in an apparent hostile environment. While out looking for the wild edibles I have learned how to step carefully to avoid getting my socks full of those prickly irritating pieces of grass. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. The grasses get dry and then you end up with all the sharp seeds in your socks as you walk through them. What I wasn’t thinking about for the longest time is the edibility of these annoying seeds. All grass seed is edible and it is abundant in the west utah desert. There are many varieties and some are easier than others to collect mostly because of the size of the seed. Continue reading

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Have a German Sausage Summer

Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned sausage? Germans are known for their love of sausages and they have given us over 1200 types of these delicious wursts as they popularly refer to them. Sausages provide a great treat for summer and they indeed offer the perfect excuse for a barbecue. These succulent flavor filled treats are much-loved and one the things you will notice is that your sausages do not have to be viewed as an unhealthy treat since there are 98% fat-free sausages. For those who are still not sure on how a sausage could be 98% fat-free, this simply means that only 2% of the sausages weight is fat. Most meat and poultry products are primarily made up of fats, protein and water. Continue reading

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Role of Omega Juicer in Providing Juicing Nutrition

Quite recently, juicing nutrition has caught the fancy of many people, especially those, who are grossly overweight; thanks to the sedentary lifestyles they have led for much too long. Many fitness experts and dieticians have claimed that juicing nutrition is a natural, healthy and wholesome way of losing weight. But this is a divided opinion since many others think that juicing is not any healthier than consuming whole fruits and vegetables. They base such opinion on the premise that when juices are extracted from fruits and vegetables, the healthy fiber is lost with the pulp. Such people, however, do not doubt that the juices still contain vitamins, minerals and photo-nutrients from the plant. As for the vital enzymes, it depends on how the juices are extracted. Continue reading

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How to Make Your Events Memorable

Whether you’re planning a corporate event, a casual reception, a formal dinner or maybe a wedding, bear in mind that all these are not possible without a great catering service. Most people prefer to hold their events at venues that don’t have their own catering staff in order to have more flexibility when it comes to planning the menu. Regardless of whether you are planning a sit-down setting, buffet or passed hors d’oeuvres, it essential that you be able to plan the perfect menu or at least have some ideas on hand. Continue reading

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