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10 Highly Recommended Eco Friendly Products

Being eco friendly doesn’t always have to be such a chore. In fact, some products that have been introduced make it very easy, and won’t break your budget. Leading an eco friendly lifestyle has never been easier. Here are 10 recommended eco friendly products that you should check out today to reduce your impact on the environment: Continue reading

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How Can You Support Going Natural or Green and Preserve Energy

The common awareness of Going Green is green revolution in all worries pertaining to water, land and air. The use of natural resources prudently is the primary concern including fighting pollution and recycling. Many products are produced out of recycled materials and entrepreneur and other owners are becoming more anxious and aware of the significant roles they play in order to find ways in the conservation of the natural resources. Continue reading

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Green Living: Ideas for Recycling and Reducing our Carbon Footprint

Green Living is all about recycling and harnessing natural, sustainable resources, living a simple life and reducing the ecological footprints that are affecting our planet. And while we are talking about carbon footprints, use ourcarbon footprint calculator to see how big your footprint really is.

Recyling = This is the keyword to creating environment that is eco-friendly and for going green. Continue reading

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Six Steps To Make Your Website More Eco Friendly

The internet is increasingly a part of everyday life. I’m guessing you agree if you’re here reading this right now.
And given the choice, most people would tell you that reading something online is greener than buying a book or magazine with the same information. After all, you’re saving all that paper, all that ink, the potential recycling of that product, the physical shipping it has gone through and so on.
Yet the internet itself uses a lot of energy. The servers that power the internet are always turned on, 24 hours a day. They use huge amounts of electricity to run and also need to be housed in temperature-controlled buildings they get so hot. Even a simple Google search uses a considerable amount of power. Continue reading

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