10 Highly Recommended Eco Friendly Products

Being eco friendly doesn’t always have to be such a chore. In fact, some products that have been introduced make it very easy, and won’t break your budget. Leading an eco friendly lifestyle has never been easier. Here are 10 recommended eco friendly products that you should check out today to reduce your impact on the environment:

Biodegradable Trash Bags – Plastic is no longer the wave of the future. There are harmful chemicals found in trash bags, as well as unnecessary scent agents. Few, if any, plastic trash bags can make claims that they are BPA free, phthalate free, or biodegradable. Corn based plastics that break down in landfill conditions are the ideal alternative, and they’re surprisingly strong. That’s less animals harmed, less plastic created, and less plastic in our environment, just by making one simple switch.

Eco Friendly Baby Diapers – Diapers take a huge toll on the environment. Not only do they consume resources to create them, but they take massive amounts of space just to dispose of them. Diapers are not biodegradable, for the most part, unless the packaging indicates so. Other types of diapers may also have chemicals which will be absorbed into your baby’s skin. Instead, opt for a more earth friendly option for your baby that doesn’t have the chemicals.

Reusable Paper Towels – In terms of wastefulness, paper towels rank near the top. Paper towels consume trees, which we need to help filter air and create oxygen. They also intake CO2, which our atmosphere has plenty of. To reduce paper towel waste, consider using a reusable set of paper towels to save trees and save money.


Soap Nuts – These tiny little berries can actually wash clothing. It’s sound unbelievable, but once you try them, you’ll see them in action. While they may not produce overwhelming suds, they still contain saponin to help remove grime and dirt. Soap nuts also are far easier on your clothes, so you won’t be finding as many holes, rips, and tears on your clothing. Expect the life of your clothing to substantially increase, while not spending any additional money on detergent (the price is about the same).

Aromatherapy Reed Diffusers – Yes, those candles smell great, but what’s in them? And as for those chemical disinfect sprays, what’s in those? An array of parabens, metals, and propellents are included in air freshening products, and they aren’t natural. Over time, you could experience headaches, smoke inhalation, and have black, sooty walls from candle smoke. A natural, green alternative is aromatherapy reed diffusers, made with just natural ingredients. The difference in scent is also astounding.

Eco Friendly Cat Litter – Kitty litter is a must for indoor cats (as well as outdoors), but they have their drawbacks. Namely, they create dust that can be inhaled by your kitty, and you. The carcinogenic dust can lead to health problems, and kitty is very likely to eat it, too. Buying a more earth friendly and cat friendly litter will help you, help the cat, and help the earth.

certified organic perfume


Organic Perfume – The lack of integrity and utter disregard for the quality of the products produced by the perfume industry are appalling. Chemical fixatives, animal testing, petrochemicals, headache causing artifical fragrance, and an entirely synthetic composition make 99% of today’s perfumes a really bad choice all around. Perfumes have been around for centuries, but only since the 20th century have they been synthetic. Revert back to the perfumes nature created by choosing an all natural, organic perfume instead.

Organic Crib Sheets – The number of chemicals found in traditional cotton sheets are horrible for you, and even worse for little babies. Babies have less mass to distribute the chemicals absorbed by their body, unlike adults, who have far greater mass. This means babies will have a greater exposure to any chemicals and pesticides used on their sheets, and a greater risk of developing cancer. To reduce this risk, opt for a certified organic set of sheets. Organic mattresses are another great option, provided they are certified and are firm enough for your baby.

Eco Cup – This brilliant invention is a great way to reduce take out coffee cup waste. Instead of throwing away your plastic or paper cups day after day, the Eco Cup will prevent that waste from ever occurring. Simply bring it in to your local coffee shop and fill it up. It’s all the benefits of an easy to use coffee sippy cup, without the negative effects on the environment.

Eco Friendly Cleaning Products – Cleaning products sound innocent, because they clean, but most are not. Specially formulated chemicals thrown together to create a grime stopping cleaner have their negative affects and flaws. Skip the chemicals next time and get an eco friendly cleaning product you can clean with, sans the guilt. These are also refillable via concentrate pouches, so there’s less harm done to the environment and less transport energy used.

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