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Going Green – for Alternative Eco-Solutions

Today more than ever most of us hear about going green on all types of media, like the news, websites, blogs, radio, television, as well as in everyday conversation. Anyone should be aware of their own environment and make sure to not pollute, reuse items rather than discarding them, or at least deliver them to a recycle facility for appropriate disposal. It seems almost inconceivable to believe that starting my car and letting it run for five minutes to get the heat or air conditioning running has any kind of effect on the earth’s pulse, however when you multiply that millions of times, there’s no doubt that it has a severe impact. Continue reading

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Seven Shocking Ways To Save Money By Saving Electricity

Running a home today is a big job, and in most households in extra $40 or $50 a month to make a real difference in the quality of life for the family. We’ll here are some practical ways that you can possibly save that much off your electric bill. This first one was a big eye-opener for me,

1. Service your air-conditioning unit.
Having your central heating, cleaned and inspected yearly is a very good idea.
There are coils on the inside of a central air-conditioning unit that the air flows through to be heated or cooled and circulated back into the house. When these coils become clogged with dust, dirt, and mold, an accumulation of this restricts the air flow which makes the unit less effective and the motors in the unit work harder and longer, because of the restricted airflow. Continue reading

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9 Gold Advices for Green Office

We all understand that “going green” is essentially about protecting the environment and sustaining its natural resources–but it’s also for the business.
“An office that encourages green practices tends to attract talented employees who want to work at a place that cares about their well-being,” Maer Ditrich, an German HRM manager says. “Plus, you or your employer saves money when you use less paper or your turn off the lights; and that money can be put back in to their operation.” Continue reading

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European Green Capital 2013

The title of European Green Capital has just been awarded to Nantes, France’s sixth largest city, at a handover ceremony in Brussels. Janez Potočnik congratulated Nantes on receiving the title of European Green Capital 2013, a title that brings with it great responsibility. Continue reading

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