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Make Your Holiday Green

We are now more aware than ever of the impact we have on the planet and many of us are keen to reduce this impact by lowering our carbon footprint. Tourism can put a strain on the natural world because of issues like uncontrolled development in some of the most beautiful places on the planet and excessive amounts of waste and energy consumption. Continue reading

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Save money by reducing need for AC.

In many areas, you can save money on cooling bills by opening up your windows in the mornings and evenings, when the temperatures are typically more pleasant.

Cross ventilation works by taking advantage of high and low pressure zones created by wind to draw fresh air through a building. Breezes enter through a window or vent, bringing fresh air, while the pressure difference on both sides of the building pulls stale air out an opening in the other side. Continue reading

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Which Is Greener, a Real or Fake Christmas Tree? Which is right for your holiday celebrations?

For many families, the centerpiece of Christmas celebrations is the luminous, awe-inspiring tree set up with care in the living room. But with all the options now available, how do you know which Christmas tree is the greenest choice for the environment? Continue reading

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What are Green Solutions about?

Green Solutions are the procedures, technologies, methods, and practices used by businesses and organizations to abate or resolve problems that are causing degradation of theEarth’senvironment, ecosystem, or natural resources. Continue reading

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