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The Future of Renewable Energy

If you think it’s all about solar and wind, think again.
Green’s all the rage these days, but as the market gets flooded with everything from hybrid cars to reusable shopping bags (even Subway is hawking them now), the ability to do something truly innovative will be paramount. Here are five companies that are leading the charge to recycle the green movement’s relevancy. Continue reading

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Recycle electronics – Tips, Advice And The Benefits

Taking a moment to reflect on our environmental condition, and the worsening issue of e-waste, I would like to take the time to discuss how we can recycle electronics, what electronics we can recycle and what are the benefits to ourselves and others when we take the necessary sites to recycle our electronics, whether they are old, used or broken they can still benefit many – and when you recycle your electronics with the process I will describe you will be the first beneficiary by receiving a cash payment for your time and effort. Continue reading

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