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CO2 emissions from new cars fell by over 3% in 2011

The European Commission adopted a decision confirming provisional findings that average CO2 emissions from new cars in the EU dropped by 3.3% last year. This decision is based on emissions data gathered by the European Environment Agency and verified by car manufacturers.

The average CO2 emissions for the 12.8 million new cars registered in the EU in 2011 was 135.7 grams per kilometre. This is a drop of 4.6g CO2/km compared to 2010 and confirms that car manufacturers are on track to reach the 2015 target of 130g CO2/km. Continue reading

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EU green cars initiative

The European Green Cars initiative is one of the three PPPs included in the Commission’s recovery package. The envelope for this initiative is foreseen at €5 billion to boost to the automotive industry in a time of economic hardship, and support the development of new, sustainable forms of road transport. Of this financial envelope, € 4 billion will be made available through loans by the European Investment Bank (EIB), and € 1 billion through support to research, with equal contribution from the Seventh Framework Programme for Research (FP7) and from the private sector. Continue reading

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