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Quite recently, juicing nutrition has caught the fancy of many people, especially those, who are grossly overweight; thanks to the sedentary lifestyles they have led for much too long. Many fitness experts and dieticians have claimed that juicing nutrition is a natural, healthy and wholesome way of losing weight. But this is a divided opinion since many others think that juicing is not any healthier than consuming whole fruits and vegetables. They base such opinion on the premise that when juices are extracted from fruits and vegetables, the healthy fiber is lost with the pulp. Such people, however, do not doubt that the juices still contain vitamins, minerals and photo-nutrients from the plant. As for the vital enzymes, it depends on how the juices are extracted. Therefore, if it is possible to preserve the enzymes and fiber by some methods, juicing will be as nutritionally advantageous as whole fruits and raw vegetables. In this context, you can take cognizance of two key features of Omega 8006 which not only preserve the fiber of fruits and vegetables but keep the healthy enzymes completely intact. The first feature is the slow masticating action, which does not destroy the fiber, while the other is low heat generation which helps keep the enzymes alive. You can, therefore, say that Omega 8006 holds a great promise as a dependable companion in meeting the objectives of improving your overall health by juicing nutrition.

Some Vital Aspects of Juicing:

Juices of fresh fruit and vegetables are a rich source of nutrition; providing vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Antioxidants help in cleansing out free radicals from our bloodstream and thereby serve as a major factor in disease prevention. Free radicals are cellular by-products which destroy healthy cells and tissues and lead to premature ageing and early cellular death. Juicing nutrition is a great help in this regards since fresh juices enhance antioxidant levels in the body. Pomegranate juice is particularly rich in antioxidants, even more than red wine or green tea.

Juices also serve as an instant source of energy without taxing the digestive system. It is necessary, however, to ensure that juices are produced in a machine which preserves the nutrients and enzymes.

If you are planning to cleanse your body for toxin removal, you can adopt liquid fasting with only the fresh juices. Juicing will detoxify your body and you will much better after that. But you have to clearly understand that when it comes to your overall health, juicing is not a magic potion or a cure-all solution. You need many other nutrients for normal growth and development. Therefore juicing has to be supplemented by the right food and your routine must factor a regular exercising schedule.

Ensuring Nutritious Juicing:

Before you decide to embrace juicing nutrition for wellness and all round health, it is worthwhile to know how the juicing action takes place when you feed fruits and vegetables to the juicer. Essentially, there are two types of fundamental actions involved in making juices; one is based on the centrifugal force created by the machine while the other one is called masticating action.

All centrifugal juicers are fitted with powerful motors attached to fast-spinning blades. These blades facilitate the chopping of fruits and vegetables which are put into the juicer. Chopped pieces circulate around at great speed and repeatedly pushed against a filtering screen. The centrifugal action created by the juicer forces the juice out of the filter while the pulp remains inside.

In masticating juicers, a system of gears, chops fruits and vegetable in small pieces, which are subjected to a slow, but strong squeezing action for rendering the juices. Compared with centrifugal action, some advantages of masticating juicers are as follows

• In a machine like Omega 8006, masticating action is deliberately slowed down and much less heat is generated in the process. This helps in preserving useful enzymes.

• The slow masticating action does not throw much air around, unlike the centrifugal action where lot of air also gets circulated. This promotes oxidation of juices and reduces their shelf-life.

• Masticating action chops fruits and vegetables in tiny bits and therefore keeps the fibers intact. In contrast the centrifugal action is too violent to guarantee fiber retention.

From the above description, it is evident that juicing will provide the desired benefits only if the juices contain all the nutrient, fiber and useful enzymes. The exclusive dual-stage masticating action of Omega 8006 ensures this.

Summary of Omega 8006 Features:

It is a heavy juicer which does its work slowly and steadily. Fruits and vegetables, fed to the Omega 8006 are slowly masticated by a rotor which moves only at 80RPM. As the ingredients move inside they are chopped up in tiny bits and get completely squeezed into a plastic cup. Since the residue and pulp fall in another cup, cleaning is very easy. You just need to take the juicer head off and carry it to the sink. You can easily uncouple all the other pieces. All four pieces can be easily rinsed and dried for the next use. Other features of Omega 8006 are; its high juice yield and dry pulp, less foaming, no dissipation of heat in juices and heavy-duty construction.

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