Have a German Sausage Summer


Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned sausage? Germans are known for their love of sausages and they have given us over 1200 types of these delicious wursts as they popularly refer to them. Sausages provide a great treat for summer and they indeed offer the perfect excuse for a barbecue. These succulent flavor filled treats are much-loved and one the things you will notice is that your sausages do not have to be viewed as an unhealthy treat since there are 98% fat-free sausages. For those who are still not sure on how a sausage could be 98% fat-free, this simply means that only 2% of the sausages weight is fat. Most meat and poultry products are primarily made up of fats, protein and water.

What Makes A Good Sausage?

There are too many sausage products in the market and this makes it even harder to find the best. It’s important to go for quality and well-known brands. This is because you are sure that their meats are of prime quality. Sausages are all about the meat and it goes without saying that people are more interesting having good meat content than fillers. It’s best to read the ingredients at the back to identify what you are buying. Spices have given new meaning to the flavor of a sausage but you also do not want to go for a sausage that has too many spices. As a general rule of thumb the fewer the ingredients in the packaging, the better it is.

You want your sausage to be firm especially when grilling it and still have great meat texture. Fat is an important part of a sausage and contrary to popular opinion, your sausage doesn’t need to be filled with high fat contents to be great. As we have seen, there are great sausage products which have 2% fat content and this is enough to cook your sausage in any way you want and still enjoy a juicy, well-flavored treat. Last but not least, it’s important to note that good sausages do not shrink when cooked. This is usually a sign of poor meat quality.

The Healthy Side of Sausages

Sausages are a good source of nutrients and this is because they are packed with proteins, Vitamin B-12 which is a necessity for healthy red blood cells and iron a vital mineral in production of hemoglobin as well.

Different Ways to Enjoy Your Sausages This Summer

Having given you tips on what to look for in good sausages and their health advantages, we now arm you with interesting ways to make your sausages more enjoyable. You can begin by having a casserole which is a great way to enhance the flavor. You may also want to consider making some curried sausages which provides for great comfort food or baked sausages. One of the unique things about sausages is that they do not dry out or toughen in the oven. Sausage rolls are quite popular and these are usually popular due to their tasty and moist nature. Alternatively, you could mix up your sausages with some rice or pasta dishes or go the old-fashioned way and simply fry them or better still grill your German sausage.

Cooking with German sausages is a delight for many due to their rich flavors and great fill. You can find a good selection of these sausages onhttp://www.saags.com.

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