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University Research into Alternative Energy

Decades of tree and biomass research jointly conducted by Florida Statue University and Shell Energy have resulted in the planting of the largest single “Energy Crop Plantation” in the entire United States. This Plantation spans approximately 130 acres and is home to over 250,000 planted trees including cottonwoods (native to the area) and eucalyptus (which are non-invasive) along with various row crops such as soybeans. This organization of “super trees” was brought into being as a result of the University’s joint research with other agencies including Shell, the US Department of Energy, the Common Purpose Institute, and groups of various individuals who are working to develop alternative energy sources (those not dependent on fossil fuels) for the future. Continue reading

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What about the empty AA Batteries in our homes?

I was shoked at the number of AA batteries that we had to buy for the few new toys we bought this year. I tried to get some toys that did not require batteries, because I think the ones that do not require batteries are more fun for kids. We did end up getting her three things that take AA batteries, and one of them took seven of them. I could not believe it. We bought a package of batteries for all three toys, but my husband had to go back to the store at the last minute to get more. Seven batteries in one toy is just ridiculous if you ask me, and it’s not like it did anything miraculous either. Continue reading

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Edible Wild Plants, Wild Grasses

I have been foraging and learning about wild edibles for several years now and focusing on the plants available to me in the Utah desert primarily simply because that is where I live and I enjoy finding edibility in an apparent hostile environment. While out looking for the wild edibles I have learned how to step carefully to avoid getting my socks full of those prickly irritating pieces of grass. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. The grasses get dry and then you end up with all the sharp seeds in your socks as you walk through them. What I wasn’t thinking about for the longest time is the edibility of these annoying seeds. All grass seed is edible and it is abundant in the west utah desert. There are many varieties and some are easier than others to collect mostly because of the size of the seed. Continue reading

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