Energy Saving Tips

Everybody should be trying to reduce their energy consumption. Not only will it help you reduce your fuel bills, but you will also be helping do your bit for the environment. Not everything costs a lot of money.

Here are some no cost and low cost energy saving tips that you should try to introduce into your lifestyle:

    Defrost your fridge / freezer regularly – they will work more efficiently. Make sure the door closes properly

    • Choose a saucepan that covers the cooker ring and don’t let the gas flame lick up the side of it. Use a saucepad lid wherever possible
    • Only fill the kettle with the amount of water you need. (Make sure you cover the element)
    • Electrical appliances such as TVs, PCs and stereos still use power even when on stand-by, so where possible switch appliances off when they are not in use
    • Always use the washing machine and dishwasher with a full load
    • Dry clothes outside when possible
    • Switch off unwanted lights and open curtains to allow daylight into rooms
    • Close curtains at dusk to retain the heat
    • Insulate your hot water tank. A tank jacket costs very little and will pay for itself in months
    • Have a shower instead of a bath. A shower uses 40% of the hot water needed for a bath
    • When buying electrical appliances look for theĀ ‘energy efficiency recommended’ logo and rated category ‘A’ or better

    Consumer Focus (external) is the independent gas and electricity consumer watchdog. They are able to offer information and advice about gas and electricity. There is a list of accredited price comparison services which will give you an unbiased view on which fuel supplier would be the cheapest for you. They can also help if you have a complaint about an energy company.

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