Delivering the Green Economy

1Every year the European Commission organizes a so-called Green Week which is the biggest conference programme on European environment policy taking place in Brussels and hosted by the EU Commissioner for Environment Janez Potočnik. Green Week 2013takes place on 3-7 June and focuses on air quality. One of the spectacular events of Green Week 2013 will be an exhibition of living hybrid poplar trees (at different stages of growth in the cultivation cycle from initial plantings to full-grown trees ready for harvest) organised by leading paper and packaging producer International Paper Europe, in cooperation with the Minister of the Environment of the Republic of Poland.

The expo will visualize a modern woody biomass plantation and portray the renewable success story of the plantation in the Pomerania region in Poland, set to become the largest of its kind in Europe. Moreover, a conference will be organized in the Egg Centre on 5 June at 11:30 am about the advantages of woody biomass plantations and the success story of the Kwidzyn plantation.

The entire programme of expo and conference will be presented under the title “Delivering the Green Economy” and will show that Poland is also a location for progressive, forward thinking renewable energy innovation.

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