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Third generation photovoltaic cell is on the way

Third generation photovoltaic cells are solar cells that are potentially able to overcome the Shockley–Queisser limit of 31-41% power efficiency for singlebandgap solar cells. This includes a range of alternatives to the so-called “first generation solar cells” (which are solar cells made of semiconducting p-n junctions) and “second generation solar cells” (based on reducing the cost of first generation cells by employing thin film technologies). Common third-generation systems include multi-layer (“tandem”) cells made of amorphous silicon or gallium arsenide, while more theoretical developments include frequency conversion, hot-carrier effects and other multiple-carrier ejection. Continue reading

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Europe’s old nuclear reactors must have an assessment

World Environment Day on 06.06.2014 was important for European nuclear energy policy, and the triggering issue was in Ukraine. No, it was not because of the G7 meeting talking about the consequences of energy dependence in the shadow of the political problems in Ukraine. The G7 did not really address nuclear, because they are aware nuclear cannot really help them out and the risks of nuclear power in conflict areas are not a strong issue on their agenda. Continue reading

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We want Renewable energy now!

A new meeting of United Nations climate change convention took place on 06.06.2014. Unlike governments, civil society is getting active – in an impressive way – to guarantee a better future for the coming generations; they – we – told policy leaders today that we are ready to defend our climate and develop a just transition from the dirty era of fossil fuels towards a renewable energy future. We want to live in a carbon free economy that preserves our planet, boosts climate resilience, globalizes energy and food access for all, and prevents us from wasting money and lives. Lives will be lost if we do not act now to stop climate change. Continue reading

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