One phone call could #SaveTheGalaxy

One phone call could #SaveTheGalaxy

At the beginning of the month we launched a petition to ask Samsung to reuse or recycle materials from 4.3 million Galaxy Note 7 phones following its global recall in October.

Since then the story has been picked up by media all over the world and over 25,000 people signed the petition calling on Samsung to do the right thing.

And guess what? It’s working! 


Samsung has already publicly said it “recognises the concerns” and is “reviewing possible options that can minimize the environmental impact” of these millions of phones.

However, we still haven’t seen any public plans and now it’s time to up the pressure.

Right now, Samsung’s management is considering what to do. If you can spare a phone call and just three minutes of your time today we can convince them to make the right decision on behalf of our planet.

What can I do?

It’s easy – join us in asking Samsung directly what is the plan with one simple phone call:

1) Find the number of the Samsung support in your country from the list here. (If your country isn’t here let us know with a comment!)



2) Call and ask these three easy questions. Write down or film the response!

(i) I heard that you are currently collecting millions of Galaxy Note 7 phones. As a customer, could you tell me what Samsung plans to do with these phones?

(ii) Will Samsung use this opportunity to recycle or reuse the components?

(iv) (If there is no plan): When will Samsung announce publicly what it will do?



  1. Share with us the response using the #SaveTheGalaxy on Twitter or Facebook


If we keep up the pressure we can convince Samsung to see the opportunity in this crisis and rethink how it designs, produces, and reuses precious materials from the millions of phones it makes every year.


Robin Perkins is the Detox Programme Leader​​ at Greenpeace México 

Source: Green peace

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