Stanford-Engineered Electric Skateboard

Light enough to carry anywhere, fast enough to go everywhere. A revolutionary combination of portability and power. A powerful and simple to use electronic skateboard – Boosted Board – will change the way we all think about transportation forever.

The Stanford-engineered electric skateboard isn’t cheap and will cost you around $1,200US, but as an eco-friendly transportation alternative, it has the capacity to replace your car on those short trips or when you’re traveling alone.

Boosted Boards are looking for backers, with the company requiring funds to complete development. To donate and for more info visit for further details.

The first Boosted Boards are expected to ship early next summer.

The lightest electric vehicle in history

Light is great for lots of reasons, like better handling and acceleration. But it also means unprecedented portability. Carry it into a classroom, through the lobby to your office, upstairs to your apartment, onto a bus, or even aboard an airplane. With a capable electric vehicle that weighs a mere 12 lbs (prototype weight), you’ll change how you think about vehicles.

A revolution in drivetrain technology

We have backgrounds in mechanical, electrical, and aerospace engineering from Stanford. We also love longboarding, snowboarding, kiteboarding, and wakeboarding. So it’s no surprise that we joined our revolutionary prototype drivetrain with our favorite longboard components. But the bigger picture is even more exciting: changing the world of transportation and shifting the perception of what a vehicle can be.

Here’s an example.  Charge the board every day (6 miles of use).  Total electricity cost?  Less than $5 per year.

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